Wednesday, 3 August 2011

COPIC markers and refill program NOW AVAILABLE!

Well, the start of my COPIC markers have arrived.  I have 82 colours in total.  I also have 72 different refills available in my refill program.  If you have other colours that you wish to be refilled that I do not have in stock, just let me know.  I will make sure to order your colour in when placing my next order.  The same with the markers...any colour can be ordered in for you!

There is also a COPIC club card......for each COPIC markers purchased through me, it will be documented on your card.  Once you purchase 12 markers you get the 13th for FREE......from here on in there is no expiry date on your Scrapbook Essentials BC COPIC card. 

Please note:  Previous COPIC club card members from Scrappers' Anonymous, I have your cards.  There was a one year expiry date from your 1st purchase date on your card.   For anyone whose card has not expired, I am honouring their card.  The year expiry will still apply to those cards only.

Happy colouring and BLENDING!


  Below the pictures you will find a list of the colours that I have in stock.

Sketch markers in stock:
0-colorless blender
100 - Black
C3- Cool Gray No.3
C5 - Cool Gray No.5
N1 - Neutral Gray No.1
N3- Neutral Gray No.3
N5- Neutral Gray No.5
N7- Neutral Gray No.7
W1- Warm Gray No.1
W3- Warm Gray No.3
B00- Frost Blue
B02 - Robin's Egg Blue
B05 - Process Blue
B23- Phthalo Blue
B24 - Sky
B32 - Pale Blue
B39- Prussian Blue
B45 - Smoky Blue
BG05- Holiday Blue
BG09 - Blue Green
BG10 - Cool Shadow
BG25 - Aqua
BG34 - Horizon Green
BG49 - Duck Blue
BV00 - Mauve Shadow
BV04-Blue Berry
BV08- Blue Violet
BV23 - Grayish Lavendar
E00 - Skin White
E04 - Lipstick Natural
E11 - Barley Beige
E29 - Burnt Umber
E31 - Brick Beige
E33 - Sand
E35 - Chamois
E37 - Sepia
G02 - Spectrum Green
G07 - Nile Green
G17 - Forest Green
G21 - Lime Green
G28 - Ocean Green
G85 - Verdigris
R02 - Flesh
R20 - Blush
R22 - Light Prawn
R29 - Lipstick Red
R32 - Peach
R35 - Coral
R37 - Carmine
R59 - Cardinal
RV02 - Sugared Almond Pink
RV04 - Shock Pink
RV06 - Cerise
RV13 - Tender Pink
RV21 - Light Pink
RV23 - Pure Pink
RV34 - Dark Pink
V01- Heath
V04 - Lilac
V06 - Lavendar
V09 - Violet
V12 - Pale Lilac
V15 - Mallow
V17 - Amethyst
Y02 - Canary Yellow
Y06 - Yellow
Y11 - Pale Yellow
Y15 - Cadmium Yellow
Y21 - Buttercup Yellow
Y38 - Honey
YG03 - Yellow Green
YG11 - Mignonette
YG41 - Pale Cobalt Green
YG63 - Pea Green
YG67 - Moss
YG91 - Putty
YG93 - Grayish Yellow
YG97 - Spanish Olive
YR00 - Powder Pink
YR02 - Light Orange
YR04 - Chrome Orange
YR07 - Cadmium Orange

REFILL Colours In-Stock:

C1 - Cool Gray No.1
W5 - Warm Gray No.5
B12 - Ice Blue
B14 - Light Blue
B18 - Lapis Lazuli
B21 - Baby Blue
B26 - Cobalt Blue
B29 - Ultramarine
B34 - Manganese Blue
B41 - Powder Blue
BG02 - New Blue
BG13 - Mint Green
BG18 - Teal Blue
BG32- Aqua Mint
BG45 - Nile Blue
BG99 - Flagstone Blue
BV31 - Pale Lavendar
E02 - Fruit Pink
E07 - Light Mahogany
E09 - Burnt Sienna
E13 - Light Suntan
E15 - Dark Suntan
E19 - Redwood
E21 - Baby Skin Pink
E25 - Caribe Cocoa
E39 - Leather
E50 - Egg Shell
E53- Raw Silk
E57 - Light Walnut
E59 - Walnut
G00 - Jade Green
G05 - Emerald Green
G12 - Sea Green
G14 - Apple Green
G19 - Bright Parrot Green
G24 - Willow
G82 - Spring Dim Green
R00 - Pinkish White
R05 - Salmon Red
R11 - Pale Cherry Pink
R17 - Lipstick Orange
R24 - Prawn
R27 - Cadmium Red
R39 - Garnet
RV09 - Fuchsia
RV10 - Pale Pink
RV11 - Pink
RV17 - Deep Magenta
RV19 - Red Violet
RV25 - Dog Rose Flower
RV29 - Crimson
RV32 - Shadow Pink
Y00 - Barium Yellow
Y08 - Acid Yellow
Y13- Lemon Yellow
Y17 - Golden Yellow
Y19 - Napoli Yellow
Y23 - Yellowish Beige
Y26 - Mustard
YG01 - Green Bice
YG05 - Salad
YG07 - Acid Green
YG13 - Chartreuse
YG17 - Grass Green
YG45 - Cobalt Green
YG95 - Pale Olive
YG99 - Marine Green
YR14 - Caramel
YR16 - Apricot
YR18 - Sanguine
YR21 - Cream
YR23 - Yellow Ochre

OK, that seems like a lot of colours.  (At least it was to type out!).  Since there are over 300 colours, I'm sure there are colours that you want!  Again, whatever colours I do not have in stock and you would like, just let me know.   Thanks,  Stacey

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